6 Reasons Why Bumbags are Elite for Festivals

Have you ever been squashed up at a festival? You’re near the front, your drink is running low but your waiting to see your fave band. They haven’t toured in 3 years and there’s really no possibility of you getting out now. Then someone comes along pushing through and they’ve got a great big backpack which smacks you in the face and sends what’s left of your warm beer flying! 

No one wants a back pack to the face! What are they even carrying in there anyway?

Here's 5 reasons why you'll be reaching for a bumbag for festivals this year

1. Bumbags are small enough to stay out of other people’s way

Keep yourself and your belongings to yourself. Annoy the people around you with your terrible singing instead of a huge bag. Lets face it, Alex from Glastonbury never would have got on stage with Dave wearing a back pack!

Alex from Glastonbury on stage with Dave

2. Bumbags are big enough to hold all the essentials

The great thing about bumbags is that they look small but fit a lot inside. Tissues, phone, purse, power pack, sunglasses, disposable camera, snacks for keeping your energy up when you can’t leave your spot on the barrier.

Checkered bucket hat and bumbag showing how much it can fit inside

3. Bumbags are perfect to carry your hoodie on for when it gets cold later

No more:

Tying it round your waist and getting really hot in the day or

Leaving hoodie at the tent & collecting it later, potentially missing acts or 

Leaving hoodie at the tent and just getting freezing cold 

Carry it on your bumbag strap and you’re good to go all night long

Young woman wearing bumbag around her waist carrying a jumper on the strap off the bumbag

4. You can wear your bumbag round your waist to avoid back or shoulder pain

No one wants back ache at a festival. Your waist takes weight better than your shoulder, but…

Steph wears the pop art cow print bucket hat and bumbag. Bumbag is being worn around her waist

5. You can wear your bumbag over your shoulder to keep your belongings in sight 

Keeping all your important stuff right where you can see it gives piece of mind. So wear your bumbag cross body and concentrate on what’s important. Singing and dancing in a field with all your best mates.

Friends hanging out at a festival. Two of the group are wearing bumbags over their shoulders.

One time at Latitude festival my friend and I had one of those boxed wines – which are actually bag wines when you take it out the box. We rolled the bag down as much as possible and stuffed it in her bumbag. 

My friend wore the bumbag. She put the bag part on her bum and the strap just looked like a belt. We sailed through bag check and security didn’t even spot it! 

So you can count that as reason number 6 if you like. Disclaimer: Buckets & Bums can’t be held responsible if you’ve gotta down a bag of wine because you didn’t make it through security!


If you’re now thinking, damm I don’t have a bumbag for festivals, look no further.

Buckets & Bums will sort you out, weather it’s a:

bumbag with pockets

plus size bumbags

or maybe you’d like a custom bumbag and matching bucket hat.

Get kitted out for festival season here 

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